We're Neat. We started building Neat because lots of people aren't getting the help they deserve when it comes to managing their finances. Especially young people get ignored by traditional financial institutions - because they are unprofitable customers. As a result, there are very few products that serve their needs. So we set out to make a change.


Once you clear all the noise, traditional finance is based on making money by lending money to people. So instead of making money from getting you into debt, we want to be radically different: we want to empower you to stay on top of your finances.


We obsess about user experience. It is our mission to take away any frictions you’d experience with traditional financial institutions. At Neat, everything can be done through the smartphone, so no more queuing at the branch or filling out tedious paper forms.


We want to change the relationship people have with financial institutions. So we created a community for our users. Our community means everything to us. We share our growth plans with you, and you can share your thoughts and ideas about Neat. We truly listen. Last but not least, our pricing is fair, and there are no hidden fees.