We are
not a bank
We are friendlier 
than a bank

Easy Account Opening

It takes just 10 minutes to open a free Neat current account. Get access to the Neat App and Neat MasterCard to spend anywhere in the world.

To open your account, you don’t need a proof of address, credit history or salary statement. It’s perfect if you’re new to Hong Kong or have difficulties getting a credit card.

the best way to spend globally 
online & offline

Do you love to travel? Neat is your ideal travel companion.
You can shop around the world with the Neat prepaid MasterCard, online or offline, and get the best exchange rate for over 50 currencies.   

You also get to see what you spend on in real time.  Surprise credit card bills at the end of the month will be a thing of the past!


The Neat account is fully mobile. This means no more time wasted visiting a branch or filling out tedious paperwork. 

Everything from opening your account, managing your finances, sending money or blocking your card can be done through the app from anywhere in the world.

It's free

The Neat App & the Neat Card are both free.
We don’t charge any annual fees and there is no commission charged when you shop online or offline*. We also don’t require a minimum deposit or a minimum amount of spending per year.
The Neat MasterCard is a prepaid card, you cannot get into debt or be charged any interest.
*There are some fees that apply when you withdraw money at ATMs.
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Neat provides you with a local Hong Kong bank account number that you can pay into. Your employer, clients, or anyone else can also make payments to this account, from Hong Kong or abroad. You can either link your bank account, transfer money or make a cash deposit.


With Neat you can send money to your friends instantly. Split the bill when you’re out for dinner or on a trip with your friends.   

Simply type in the amount, select your contact and you’re good to go. It’s easy, free and real-time.
Neat wins 
ICT Fintech award 2017
Our team has been recognised with one of the most prestigious awards in Hong Kong for our revolutionary and patented account opening process.
what others say about us
I received my MasterCard in 2 days!!  AMAZING!! 
Harry Ng
Best ways to open a current account in Hong Kong when coming from abroad. 10 min, all on the app.
Janos Barberis
Quick and easy signup and breeze to use compared to local banks.
Zibi Mandziejewicz