Enabling the Entrepreneur Economy: The Story Behind our Re-Brand

Neat Team

Here's the story behind our rebrand!

Inside Neat

Reflecting on Neat’s European Roadshow 

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll have seen that we recently just wrapped up a series of events in Europe, alongside our official launch in London.‍We wanted to write a little something to dive deeper into our goals and vision, and keep you in the loop with what we’ve been doing out here! 

Neat News

Neat Rolls Out New Virtual Cards for Global Online Spending

You can now get a physical, virtual, or both types of cards for your business!

Doing Business

Chinese Company Registration: Types of Business Structures (Plus a Smart Alternative)

What types of business structures can you choose from when setting up a Chinese company?

Inside Neat

Neat's 2019 Year in Review!

Moments that made up our 2019: our milestones, lessons learned, and vision for the coming year.

Doing Business

Everything You Need to Know About Running a WFOE in China

If you're thinking of opening a WFOE in China, here's what you need to know about preparing, establishing, and running a wholly foreign-owned enterprise for your business.