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Meet Jackie Law - UX/UI Lead

Ever wanted to know more about the people behind Neat? Read on to learn more about Jackie Law, Neat's UX/UI Lead, and her design inspirations!

‍‍Jackie Law
UX/UI Lead

Neat Facts

How long have you worked at Neat for?

8 months

What do you do at Neat?

I am in charge of UI & UX (User Interface & User Experience). This means I design product features and make sure they are intuitive, user friendly and look good. I spend my days divided between designing mock-ups and interfaces behind my computer as well as talking to (potential) customers to test our designs and understand their needs.

What is something people might not know about you?

I’m Jewish - I converted before getting married a few years ago.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I really enjoy exploring lesser known places with Jon and our dog, Kate, and more recently, beating the heat with her by taking her swimming. But mostly I enjoy being a hermit crab and staying at home, you’ll find me working on pet projects - blog ideas, brand work, or crafting something lo-fi. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with my bullet - making all sorts of smoothies and dips - Baba Ganoush has been my pride & joy!

Design Inspirations

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

Where to start? I subscribe to various industry newsletters - Fast CompanyInvisionappCreative Review to name a few. Instagram has a contagious amount of inspiration to admire (@itsnicethat@ramotion@jessicahische). Dribbbble is great to find specific UI/UX elements. But to be honest, I’m inspired mostly when I’m doing non-designy things like walking Kate or getting together with friends and seeing the latest apps they’re obsess over.

Inspiration from Instagram

What is the number one design rule you swear by and apply in your work?

Trust your gut. If a design doesn’t feel right, navigation is clunky, or copy reads funny, chances are something probably needs to be revised.

What’s the creative community like in Hong Kong?

It’s grown more vibrant in the last decade. The rise of co-working spaces and online communities like CreativeMornings has pulled together like-minded people to host interesting events. That said, I’m discovering more and more every week.


What do you see next for the design world? Where are we next headed?

I think we are heading towards designing for the age of immediacy and delivering insightful data to users across platforms. With so many apps integrated into people’s lives - wearables, money management apps, IoT etc. - there is enough data and patterns recorded to deliver useful insights, and more importantly and excitingly, actionable recommendations to better people’s decision making and quality of life.  

Working at Neat

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on at Neat?

Revamping Neat’s Business dashboard and developing all its complimentary features

What is the process for crafting and designing new features?

It always starts with our customer, the core of our product. What is their purpose? What are they trying to achieve? How do we create an experience that’s easy to navigate, simple and, ideally, something they’ll tell their friends about.

From there, we take a look across the landscape: how do our competitors (and sometimes, in-direct competitors - maybe food delivery apps or online booking service) approach the similar problem?

Once we gather user requirements, any potential changes to our operations, and UI/UX inspirations, we create user journeys, complemented by low-fidelity mockups. During this process, we test our ideas (internally & externally) and continue to iterate, test/iterate, test/iterate… until we feel it’s pretty bullet-proof. Meanwhile, the dev team would start building and testing things in parallel.

How do you keep the different teams at Neat on the same page in terms of design?

By sharing the work at every stage, sketches up on our walls or prototypes shared on Slack, regardless whether it’s finished or not, so that different teams - be it Customer Support or Dev, has access to visibility on what we’re working on, and more importantly, contribute to the feedback loop.

How is working for Neat different from large design and consulting firms?

Unlike big design firms that work across a number of clients and a multitude of different projects, the Neat team has one focus - building our own product. This means we’re able focus and make decisions more efficiently, and respond quicker when something hits the fan.

What is your favorite thing about working at Neat?

Being part of a team of smart & talented people, all working tirelessly, building a truly differentiated product that answers to a real need in the market.

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