Enabling the Entrepreneur Economy: The Story Behind our Re-Brand

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Here's the story behind our rebrand!

3 Signs You’re Ready to Open a Business

After helping hundreds of businesses launch their products successfully, here's what the folks at Enter China say you should have ready, before you open your business.

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CNY vs CNH: What are the Differences Between the Two Chinese Renminbi?

A short and sweet article on the differences between the two types of Chinese RMB and what it means for businesses who want to send money to China.

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Inside Neat’s Last Community Meetup on Sustainability and eCommerce

We were delighted to welcome our community again last week, at our latest meetup! We introduced our new brand, welcomed a group of inspirational entrepreneurs and munched on yummy vegan food and wine. Read on to find out what happened!

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Common Banking Terms and Definitions for Transfers (With Links & Examples)

Want to learn the definitions for the banking terms you're always seeing? We wrote a guide for that!