Enabling the Entrepreneur Economy: The Story Behind our Re-Brand

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Here's the story behind our rebrand!

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Inside Neat’s Last Community Meetup on Sustainability and eCommerce

We were delighted to welcome our community again last week, at our latest meetup! We introduced our new brand, welcomed a group of inspirational entrepreneurs and munched on yummy vegan food and wine. Read on to find out what happened!

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Common Banking Terms and Definitions for Transfers (With Links & Examples)

Want to learn the definitions for the banking terms you're always seeing? We wrote a guide for that!

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How to Send Money to China: A Guide for Cross-Border Businesses

What's the best way to send money to China? Capital control is incredibly strict in China, which can make it hard for Western entrepreneurs to figure out how to pay suppliers or partners there. This article can help shed some light!

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5 Things Western Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Doing Business in China

For entrepreneurs who are more familiar to how business is done in the West, here's a handy article that may help reveal aspects of Chinese business you may be unaware of.