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HK$8,888 Full Package

What's included

* If the company does not meet our compliance standards, the Neat Business account as well as the company won’t be opened. In such case the full fee (HK$8,888) will be reimbursed.

How it works


There is no need for you or any of the directors or shareholders to visit Hong Kong to open your company. You can open your company from around the world, anytime. Simply fill out the online application form.

After completing the application, you can pay the fee by credit card and the company’s details will be submitted to the Companies Registry, electronically.


Your company and Neat Business account will be set up within a week and you will receive a digital copy of all your important company documents, such as the certificate of incorporation and incorporation form.

The incorporation process is completed by an experienced, TCSP licensed service provider.


Enjoy! You can enjoy the many benefits of doing business in Hong Kong, such as its prime location in Asia, it’s solid legal system, ease of trading in and out of Mainland China as well as a low corporate tax rate.

And if that wasn’t enough: each successful company incorporation will automatically get a Neat Business account with a HK$2,000 credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will only start the company incorporation process once we've reviewed and approved your NEAT business account opening.
If we cannot open your Neat Business account for compliance reasons, the full cost of the incorporation package will be reimbursed to you and the company will not be opened. This makes it risk-free for your company, as oftentimes companies incorporate in Hong Kong, only to find themselves unable to open bank accounts later on once they've already paid all the incorporation fees.

The entire incorporation process can be done online. We don't require you to visit Hong Kong or fill out physical forms.
It takes around 1 week to incorporate your company and open your Neat Business account.

This includes time reviewing whether compliance standards are met for a Neat business account, and the entire company incorporation process.

Our package includes

- Filling out incorporation documents (NNC1 – IRB1)
- Payments of government fees (CI: HKD1,720, BR: HKD2,250)
- e-GreenBox*: We will e-mail you a digital copy of all your documents (CI,BR,NNC1), copies your Articles of Association, a share certificate.
- 1 year registered and correspondence address1 year company secretaryInitial consulting, after company incorporation
- 1 certified true copy of all your documents will be kept at our partner office in case you need them
- Creation of the Significant Controller Register (SCR)NEAT Business Account opening 

* If you want a traditional physical green box, this can be arranged at an extra cost.

- At least 1 shareholder
- 1 director (one of which has to be a natural person, not a company)
- 1 licensed company secretary (provided by us)
- 1 Registered address (provided by us)
- Completed NNCI and IRB1 forms
- Significant Controller Register
- Certificate of Incorporation (HKD1,720) and Business Registration (HKD2,250) 
After the incorporation, our accounting partner will get in touch with you to go through the steps in terms of legal maintenance,  accounting obligations and record keeping according to Hong Kong law.  

There is no contractual obligation to work with them. You may always choose another company secretary and accountant.

You will need a company secretary to provide company secretary services (e.g. filing changes of directors or shareholders with the Companies Registry), a registered address, a correspondence address for official letters, file the annual return and pay the annual return fee (HKD105), pay the business registration fee (HKD2,250 per year), update your significant controller register (SCR).

The registered address and company secretary are included for the first year. At the end of your first year, You may continue working with our partner to help with your company maintenance.

You are also required to do your accounting, audit your accounts and fill in a tax return. Costs of accounting and auditing vary based on your transaction volume and specific needs.

No,  you don't have to be a Hong Kong resident.

Hong Kong uses a two tier system. On the first HKD 2,000,000 profit, you will pay 8.25% tax. If your profit exceeds HKD 2,000,000, you will have to pay 16.5% tax on the exceeding amount.

You can contact us at for any questions.

You can also schedule a meeting with a consultant (HKD 1,200 - 45 mins) if you have more elaborate questions and would like to get an individual consultation about e.g. company structuring or tax planning.

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